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Our tools/machinery

Our tools/machinery for hire

Automotive -
Ball Joint Splitter
Universal Clutch Align Kit
Brake pipe flaring tool
Battery Charger
Slide Hammer

Socket Set (small)
Socket Set (large)
Easy Outs (extractor set)
Stud Extractor
Suspension Spring Compressor
Tap & Die Set
Torque Wrench
Valve Spring Compressor
Engine Crane
Car Ramps/Axle Stands
Trolley Jack
Various Hand Tools

Compact/Concrete/Mixing -
Cement Mixer (Honda Petrol)
Cement Mixer (240v)
Site Mixer
Rammer/Trench Compactor (inc two stroke fuel)
Compactor Plate (Honda Petrol)
Mini Vibrating Roller (Honda Petrol)
Twin Drum Ride-on Roller
Rubber Paving Pad (for above)
Vibrating Poker (Honda Petrol)
Vibrating Poker (Electic, 110v)
Power Float (including blades, Honda Petrol)
Bull Float (Easy Float)
Beam Screed (8ft, 12ft or 16ft Beams)
Plaster Mixing Drill (110v)
Tub Plaster Mixer (110v)
Hand Tamper

Decorating equipment -
Blow Lamp
Paint Stripper (Hot Air, 240v)
Wallpaper stripper (240v)
Wallpaper Pasting Table

Floorcare & Cleaning -
Wet/Dry Vac 240v Domestic
Wet/Dry Vac 240v or 110v Commercial
Carpet Dryer (240v)
Hydromist Carpet Cleaner (240v)
Carpet Stretcher
Edge Sander (240v) (disc's extra)
Floor Sander (240v) (sanding sheets extra)
Floor Finishing Sander (240v) (sanding sheets extra)
Floor Polisher/Scrubber (240v)
(Pads for above £7 each)


Fixing & Fittings -
Air Nailer (incl compressor, 240v)

Hilti DX 460 Power Nailer
Paslode Nail Guns (gas and nails extra)
Auto Collation Screwdriver
Secret Floor Nailer (Nails extra)
Floor Board Clamps
Hand Help Staple Gun (staples extra)
Electric Staple Gun (240v, staples extra)

Pop Rivet Gun (Rivets extra)

Heating, Drying, Dehumidifying -
Oil Filled Radiator
Gas Cabinet Heater (Gas extra)
Infra Red Rhino Heater
Fan Heater (2.8kw)
Gas Space heater (Gas extra)
Dehumidifier Domestic
Dehumidifier Small Commercial
Dehumififier Large Commercial
Gas Blow Toch (Gas extra)
Carpet Dryer (240v)
Fume Extractor

Power/Lighting -
Extension Lead (240v or 110v)
4 Way Splitter Box (110v)
Transformer 3 KVA (240v/110)
Generator (2.8 KVA, Honda Petrol)

Generator (3 KVA Honda Petrol)
Generator (5 KVA, Honda Petrol)
Inspection Lamp (240V)
Halogen Tripod Light (300w/500w)
Halogen Pod Light (300w/500w)
10 Light Chain (60w per lamp)(110V)
Mag Halogen Light (110V)
Plasterers Light (110V)

Woodworking Tools -
Router DeWalt 1600w (240v)

Router Cutter Set
Biscuit Jointer (240v)
Cross cut Compound Chop Saw (240v)
Compound Mitre Chop Saw (240v)
Mitre Saw (Hand)
Small Bench Band Saw (240v)
7 1/2" Circular Saw (240v)
9" Circular Saw (110v)
Jig Saw (240v)
Site Saw (240v)(Pref 32Amp supply)
Reciprocation Saw & Blades (240v)
12" Vertical Wood Sander (240v)
Belt & Disc Sander (240v)
Detail Sander (240v)
Palm Sander (240v)
Belt Sander 3" (240v)
Belt Sander 4" (110v or 240v)
Orbital Sander (240v)
Power Planer 3" (110v or 240v)
Sash Clamps
Roofing Squares

Diggers/Dumpers -

Mini Diggers (0.8, 1, 1.5, 2 tonne)
Hyd Auger Attach for Diggers
Hyd Breaker for Diggers
Muck Truck Including Ramp
Ramp on own
Hi Lift Dumper (1 tonne)
Swivel Dumper (3 tonne)
Skip Loading Ramp (for Wheelbarrow)

Trailers -
Light Duty
Flatbed (3.5 tonne)

Car Transporter (2.5 tonne)

We have various safety equipment availible for hire or sale too.

For the prices of any of these tools, please do not hesitate to call, fax or email us or alternativeley pop in by person for friendly, helpful service. (These details are available on the 'Contact us & our location' page).


Air Tools -

Small Air compressor (240v)
Large Air compressor (240v)
Air Ratchet 3/8" Drive
Air Impact Gun 1/2" Drive
Air Shears
Air Pot Riveter
Air Polisher


Access/Lifting/Support Equipment -

15ft, 17 1/2ft, 20ft Roof Ladders

12ft to 20ft Double Ext Ladder
12ft to 30ft Triple Ext Ladder
Ladder Stand Off Bracket
6 & 7 Tread Steps H/D
Scaffold Tower (alloy) (1.45m x 1.8m x 6.2m or 0.95m x 1.8m x 6.2m)
Alloy Stairway Tower
Scaffold Boards (8ft, 10ft, 12ft or 13ft)
12ft, 18ft, 20ft staging/super boards
Block & Tackle
Gin Wheel
Plaster Board Sheet Lifter
Acrow Props
Strong Boys
Safety Harness
Fall Arrester (2 metre)


Cutting & Grinding Tools -
Hand Held Tile Cutter

Electric Tile Cutter (small, 240v)
Electric Tile Cutter (medium, 110v)

Electric tile Cutter (large, 110v)
Angle Grinder 4.5" (240v)
Stone/Metal Disc Cutters -
9" (110v or 240v),  9" Diamond (110v or 240v), 12" (110v), 12" Diamond (110v or 240v), 12" Petrol (Petrol included), 12" Petrol (Diamond Blade),
14" Metal Chop Saw (240v)
Road Floor Saw (Honda Petrol)
Floor Grinder Scabbler (Honda Petrol)
Pipe Threader (Hand, 1/4" - 2")
Block Splitter (Hand)
Mini Clipper Brick/Pavior Cutter (240v)
Wall Chaser - Twin Blade (Incluing Vac, bags extra, 110v)
Clipper Table Saw


Hammers/Breakers/Drills -
Angle Drill
Hammer Drill 1/2" (240v) (700w)
Battery Drill 14.4v/24v
Battery Impact Wrech
Rotor Stop Drill SDS
Masonary Drill Bits
Electric Box Sinker Set
Hilti Te 60 Breaker/Drill (110v)
Core Bit 2", 3", 4", 5"

Tungsten Tip Bits
H/D Wacker Dem.Drill/Breaker (110v)
H/D Wacker Breaker (110v)
Hyd Breaker (Honda Petrol)
Diamond core Drill - including Core Bits (110v)

Diamond core Drill - including Core Bits (240v)

Garden Equipment -
Turf Cutter (Honda Petrol)

Power Scythe (Honda Petrol)
Chipper/Shredder (Honda Petrol)
Commercial Rotovator (Honda Petrol)
Large Comm. Rotovator (Honda Petrol)
Power Harrow (Honda Petrol)
Flair Mower (Honda Petrol)
Strimmer (240v)
Brush Cutter (2 Stroke Petrol included)
Long Reach Pruning Saw (Petrol included)
Lawn Raker/Scarifier (240v) Choice of: Flair blade, Delta blade or Tine blade.
Hedge Cutter (240v)

Hedge Cutter (2 Stroke Petrol included)
Long Reach Hedge Cutter (Petrol included)
Napsack Sprayer
Post Rammer (Hand)
Fence Post Puller
Post Auger 4", 6" & 8" bits 1 man
Post Auger 4", 6" & 8" bits 2 man
Hole Clearing Tool
Garden Hand tools
Lawn Mower (Honda Petrol)
Mulching Mower (Honda Petrol)
Lawn Aerator (Honda Petrol)
Tiller (Honda Petrol)
Pond Vacuum Cleaner (240v)
Garden Blower/Vac (Petrol included)
Stump Grinder (Honda Petrol)
Log Splitter (240v)


Welding Equipment -
Migwelder (130 amp)
Arc Welder (240v)

Pumps/Pressure Washers -
Diesel Fuel Oil Transfer Pump (12v or 240v)

Puddle Sucker Pump (110v)
Sub Pump 2" 2000 GPH (110v)
Water Pump 2" (Honda Petrol)
Pressure Washer (240v)
Pressure Washer (Honda Petrol)
Drain Hose attach for above
Patio Cleaning attach for above


Miscellaneous Equipment -
Harris Fencing
Tyrolean Gun
Bolt Cropper
Drain Rod set 30' C/W fittings
Chimney Rod Set

Cowley Site Level
Pallet Trucks
Sack Trucks
Pipe Bender (12/15/22mm)
Cable & Pipe Detector
Letter & Number Stamps
Kitchen Worktop Jig
Build Forms
C.A.T Scanner (Geny/Mouse)
Damp Prof Injection M/C

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